Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's closet clean-up/clean-out

While my dear husby has been spending his Xmas vacation playing video games, I have been diligently cleaning house. First, I cleaned out the bottom shelf of our coffee table and organized the millions of cables and Wii-related devices. Then, I tackled our two walls of floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves. I don't know why anyone would have done this back in the day. No matter how organized it is, it still looks cluttered and messy! Right now I'm diligently finishing my shoe wall with my favorite shoe boxes from The Container Store.

I've been dreading what comes next: my walk-in closet which has basically become the storage room from hell. I know, it MUST be done, it's simply bursting at the seams, and I know there is tons that I no longer wear at all. I've hung on to old college 'just-in-case' sweatshirts for too long. It's time to face the reality: I live in a New York apartment with a boiling hot heating system (seriously, I am sitting here in a tank and shorts as I type this), and I will not be raking the lawn anytime soon. And those old ski clothes? I think it's time to part with the 90's-style ski bib overalls.

As added incentive, I ordered some beautiful super-fancy wooden Runway Collection hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project. I placed this order a while ago, but the timing could not be more perfect. I now have the next four days to plow through this monumental chore. Meekus (as you can see below) will likely not be helping much. Wish me luck!

Donate with me! If you are so inspired...
- Old clothes can go to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, HousingWorks, or maybe your local church. Visit the NYC Stuff Exchange website for a very thorough list of drop-off locations near you.
- Old bedding and towels (even torn or stained) can be donated to Animal Shelters. I am a huge supporter of the ASPCA, so if you don't think humans want your dingy towels, some adorable puppies will be more than happy to take them!
- Broken electronics should be disposed of specially. Usually I just collect a pile until I get a postcard for that e-waste recycling fair in Union Square, and luckily the next one is Sunday, Jan 2. Usable electronics can also be donated with clothing.

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