Sunday, January 2, 2011

What inner peace looks like...

My closet clean-out project continues, and I cannot express how happy I am at making everything neat and orderly! I also want to share my opinion on the new Runway Collection hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project. In short: they are totally awesome. They completely exceeded my expectations.

The hangers are sturdy, gorgeously constructed, and shiny! And although I was skeptical of how good the felt ends could be, trust me, they are very grippy. So grippy that it was actually a bit difficult to get all my clothes on to the hangers just so. But once they're on, they're not going anywhere! Absolutely no slipping, and from the few knit pieces I dared to hang, I have to say I'm not seeing any stretching despite the weight of the sleeves/body, which is pretty impressive.

I wear a size 4/40, so all my hangers are 15", and they are perfect. One thing, though... As I do live in a teeny apt with a very cramped closet, I'm starting to realize that all the blouse and jacket hangers with the shoulder flares take up a lot of valuable real estate. If you're in my situation, I recommend skewing your order towards the skinny shirt hangers. (See comparison pictures below-- those are equal 2' widths of hanging space).

As I've been re-hanging and reconsidering my wardrobe, I've pulled out almost 100 items I should donate. It seems quite nuts to me that I could have 100 pieces of clothing (tops, skirts, sweaters, pants) that are just literally just taking up room. 100! So between my little sisters and charity, now I just have to decide who to give what!


  1. Anonymous1/04/2011

    Have you come across any discount on these? I haven't priced hangers but they seem expensive. Are they worth it? I desperately need to organize my closet... They look beautiful and very neat! :)

  2. Hi! The only discount I've used is their sample/bundling package (gift sets), and that is not a real discount per se. These hangers I just ordered directly. Very expensive for hangers, though-- I don't even want to tell you how much my order of 92 hangers cost. However, I *can* say they are totally worth it. I don't feel like it's a waste of money to hang my Marchesa or Derek Lam dresses on $13 hangers, or my Boss, RED Valentino, Thomas Pink shirts on $6.50 hangers, just given the cost of the clothing items themselves!! But I've only done a portions of my closet. I'm not going to be hanging my J.Crew tops on these anytime soon :)


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