Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter tickets available, NYC

Not fashion-related, but I thought I'd ask my readers first before I returned them. I have 3 tickets to the 12:10AM showing of Harry Potter 7.2 at Regal Cinemas Union Square (not 3D). Luckily I got tickets to the Amex pre-screening uptown at 7PM, and neither my husband nor my friend will watch it again with me at 12:10 :(

All the screenings at Regal Union Sq are sold out until 2:30AM, so, if you're interested, let me know! Face value is $13.50 each, and I can send you a PDF for each individual ticket. I'll end up returning them tomorrow night if, like all good Harry Potter fans, everyone already has their tickets! I'm so excited!! :)


  1. Larissa7/12/2011

    Hi! Do you still have these tickets??
    I have waited too long to get tickets! I have seen all other ones in theaters at midnight, and am a failed harry potter fan if I don't manage to get to this one. I have a friend who needs a ticket as well!

    In hopes,


  2. HI, Do you have any tickets left? I'd love to have one!!!

  3. Hi Ali, sorry I didn't get back to you in time, but I didn't have them. If Larissa hadn't taken them, I would have just returned by Wed night. Did you get to see it? I hope you did!!


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