Tuesday, January 5, 2010

James Perse private sale

YES! As I mention every time, I LOVE JP, and I am all over this private sale. (You'll need to log-in to access the goods.) One of my fav items in my cart: the 'long textured sweater' which in the coffee color is like, the comfiest Jedi Master get-up ever. My friend and I tried it on in the store, and we were totally geeking out (just not for the $595 price tag). We're not even geeks like that either. Honestly.


  1. We are totally not geeks. This sweater is fabulous!!

  2. It really IS fabulous :) I hope you are having a great time in Taiwan!

  3. Anonymous1/07/2010

    James Perse Sample Sale Santa Monica

    Jan. 8-10
    2105 Colorado Ave
    Santa Monica, CA 90404



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