Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saks consolidation sale - womens

Update 2: I also remembered I took this photo on the other side of the floor by the non-sorted sale stuff. Obviously a mom was so into it that she didn't care what got lost along the way.

Update: I couldn't make it in yesterday because work was kinda busy, and I met someone for drinks/dinner after work last-minute, so I buzzed over today during lunchtime. Basically, the sale spread is on the 9th floor-- TONS of designers, a lot of merchandise, amazing prices. For a lot of the bigger haute couture names (YSL, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Valentino, Gucci) there isn't a whole lot. However, you can score some wool crepe YSL pants for $292 (retail $975). What there's a good amount of: Missoni, St John, Akris Punto (even coats), Akris, Armani, Ralph Lauren, MaxMara, and a fair amount of Escada. Prices are definitely around 60-70% off level. On the other side of the floor, a good selection of winter coats are also going for great prices-- tons of Cinzia Rocca for $300-400 (retail $900-1000).

What did I get? I didn't have tons of time, so I took a quick tour around. There's no Hugo Boss or RED Valentino (boo!), but I did grab a very nice Burberry sheath dress. Looking online, Bloomingdale's has it in a different color, but the one I got is
sparkly dark grey (I seem to be quite into shiny lurex these days). Retail is $650 but on sale it was $195 (25% off $261). Using the $100 giftcard my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday, I paid a whopping $112 for it! Score!! (Be warned, though, the Burberry section is sparse)

There were some shoes on the 8th floor, but the selection was uber crappy, so unless you want $300+ Ferragamo flats or Choo kitten heels, skip it. Should you go? If you're in the neighborhood, I think so.

Got the postcard this weekend! Starting Thursday, Jan 21,
Saks NYC (and a select few stores in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston, D.C. [Chevy Chase], Chicago, Houston [Galleria], and San Francisco) is centralizing sale merchandise and taking an additional 25% off it all, effectively making discounts up to 70%. It will be online too, but I do recommend getting your butt to a store if possible.

No idea if shoes or bags are included, and they don't mention pre-sale-ing.

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