Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barney's Warehouse Sale first report

One of my best friends wants a particular pair of out-of-season Louboutins for her wedding, so how could I not trek over? With an 8AM conference call, I was unable to super early, but I headed over as soon as my call finished and got there around 9:20. No line whatsoever.

Bag check is the mild interrogation it always is, with women begging and cajoling to keep their bags, but they are, as always, very strict. I *did* notice, however, a few women carrying their Chanel bags in the fray, so if you dare bring your Chanel bag to squeeze and smush around all the other grabby women, feel free.

Shoes were a total shitshow. The racks were totally maimed! In a very strategic move which no doubt caused not a few hear palpitations, they are starting the show off with 25% off shoes stamped "BLUE". This makes Manolos around $250 and Prada shoes even $150. Women were going insane. I was pretty terrified. Unfortunately this means the racks are depleted of any red soles (except some beautiful yellow crocodile Simples that are still $1000ish), and only a few Manolos to spare. I did see, in the larger sizes, some Lanvin mary janes and Chanel strappy sandals.

Clothing is also much better organized. There is the normal dresses/tops/bottoms/denims, and then everything else is by designer. I didn't see huge amounts of any one designer, although there were larger racks of Richard Chai, Rag & Bone, and Marc by Marc Jacobs (and some others I can't remember) more in the middle of the room. Everything with a "WHSE" stamp on it was 25% off, but quite a few things had the wonderful red star stamp which we all know comes into play later in the game.

"Dressing room" area has been upgraded! I don't know if it was the war stories of perverts and lurkers looking at the bare asses at BWS, or the need to control theft, but they've 'walled in' the changing area and added MANY MANY mirrors. Thank the lord! And they are good mirrors, not crazy fun-house ones.

So, what have I learned? If you want shoes, you need to go first thing in the morning. With the 25% off right out of the gate, women are more fervent than ever. Clothing was... ok. All the things I liked were either pretty manhandled or still over $700. Unfortunately I was on a time constraint and did not get a chance to make it downstairs to home or mens. Anyone who did can let me know how it was!!

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