Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sorry for not posting a whole lot, but yesterday morning I was notified that I got accepted into INSEAD, the #4 MBA program in the world according the FT. Needless to say I basically did nothing all day yesterday but tell people the good news and giggle to myself, and hubby and me went to celebrate an early blowout dinner at Bar Masa.

There are so very few things in life I love as much as I love Bar Masa, the 'casual' bar and dining establishment by Masa, and I say that with the first love of my life, Per Se, down the hall. The food is phenomenal, the drinks are the best drinks you'll have in the city. Honestly. It's probably the only restaurant in the city where a significant percentage of our total bill is alcohol. You'll down 3 before you realize you can't stand up. The only thing is... the other patrons are weird. Very weird.

I HIGHLY recommend the Raspberry Champagne Cocktail made of Laurent Perrier champagne, Japanese shiso leaf and fresh raspberry puree. It's ridiculous.

Because I didn't take any photos, I stole one from Luxeat.

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