Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coach outlet 30% off

Disclaimer: I am stealing this from a TPF post :) I love TPF. If you ever need enablers, go no further!

Print out this email for an additional 30% off anything at the Coach outlet! Ends Sunday, Feb 27.


  1. Tina, I need your advice. Coach just launched a new bag that I am absolutely crazy for. It's called the KRISTIN WOVEN LEATHER SAGE ROUND SATCHEL. It's also ridiculously expensive but I love it. Worth it or not?

  2. Hi Perry! Good to hear from you!

    Hmm, I was just at the Coach store last week looking for a present, and I did not see this one! I like the detail. From the close up, it does look quite expensive and Bottega-y. I love that it does not look like a Coach bag, but the big down side for me is that it IS a Coach bag. It depends what kind of person you are-- will it upset you if you pay that price and people who see your bag think it cost wayyy less than it did and undervalue it? (I mentally assume all Coach bags are under $500, although since that is all leather, I might think $700). I must admit, I'm a bit of a brandwh*re and I think to myself, well for another $300, I could get a Balenciaga...

    But if you've seen in person and touched it and you are absolutely crazy for it, go for it. I love its versatility!

  3. Anonymous2/20/2011

    Definitely not worth it!!!


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