Monday, March 15, 2010

Spaweek appointments are live

Make sure you get your $50 massage or facial before they get booked up! Some participants of previous years don't look like they are doing it this yr :( boo! Check to see everything available. Appointments are for Monday, Apr 12 - Sunday, Apr 18.

I've booked a microderm and a IPL session, which I've never done before. I hope it doesn't hurt!


  1. Fashionista!3/15/2010

    Hii! How did it go? My co-worker had a microderm, and she was pretty good, her face was a little red, but she loved it!
    I never managed to get an appointment :(
    I'm going to book a massage at Lilly & Raul, that's a great place for massages and great prices too!

  2. I made an appointment for Tuesday at Nuvision. I LOVE microderms! I try to get them 3 times a yr-- usually I go to Bliss, although I'll supplement with Spaweek when I can :)

    These $50 deals are usually only half of what the regular microderm gives you (like 2 passes instead of 4) so they aren't as effective, but for $50...

    I rarely get normal facials anymore. I got one last Fri, a Sonya Dakar one, and I got little bumps/mini breakouts-- ugh. My fav facial, which I guess, will be my only one going forward, is the Geisha (bird poo) one at Shizuka. It is AWESOME. Unfortunately they are not doing Spaweek this time!

  3. Fashionista!3/15/2010

    I've that that problem recently, regular facials I find make me break out a little the next day... Maybe i'll try a microderm, anything to make me look youthful!
    Big birthday next month, so maybe i'll get it done soon. I don't think i'm adventurous enough to try the bird poop facial haha!

    Loving the sale updates by the way, I am hooked!! Keep up the great work lady!! :)


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