Friday, October 22, 2010

Sephora friends and family

You'd think being a V.I.B. would get me notified that their freaking F&F has started. (Really, is it not enough that I drop about $500 there a year?) Anyways, although I'm miffed, there's still a lot of good stuff available (i.e. the shelves have not been cleaned out yet!). Many thanks my fabulous friend Kelly for alerting me!!

Go now before the stampede follows. Use code "FF2010" and get 20% off everything until Wednesday, Nov 3. If you're a savvy shopper, you know you can even earn AA miles or get 5% cashback via Mintbox :) Traditionally I've always used the F&F as an excuse to buy a fancy tool. This year I'm thinking the $245 Sultra Sophisticate dryer, although that seems a hefty price for a hairdryer. Anyone have one who can weigh in?)


  1. I wasn't notified either and I'm also a VIB who spends waaay too much at Sephora. Not happy! (But thanks for letting us know) :)

  2. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Well today I talked to Sephora and they said that (1) discount is online ONLY and (2) will not be honoured for online orders in Canada (!!!) and (3) as I am not a "friend" or a "relative" they refuse to give me the discount card they sent all their "preferred" customers. But if you two VIBs aren't preferred who is? What a SCAM they're running. Don't employees already get a discount?! Huffy store manager at Vancouver Sephora doesn't want to be my "friend" either and was pushy asking for the websites where this code was posted. So I guess it's ULTA for me from now on!

  3. ^ Aww, that sucks!! I feel you, I have been a VIB for years and have only gotten the online code-- I've never gotten the in-store postcard so I can get the discount in person! I heard some associates are very nice and will 'friend' you if you ask (obviously not that manager you spoke to!), but I've never tried that myself.

    And thank you *so much* for not turning me in :) The last thing I want is a cease-and-desist order from Sephora!

    That totally sucks that it doesn't apply to Canadians. (Kind of random too) If you're making a huge purchase, you could always rent a P.O. box on the US side and drive down to pick it up...

  4. No way, do NOT spend $245 on a hairdryer. I was just reading on Kristopher Dukes' blog that her T3 blowdryer was bested by a $25 Hot Tools one she purchased online.

    I like going to for hair tools and I have a Babyliss ionic hair dryer, it works well.

  5. Anonymous10/24/2010

    hey Tina, I'm the Canadian who posted above. Thanks for the idea about the US p.o. box -- already have one and Sephora told me that even if shipping to US address, because my billing address is CDN they "can't" do it. That way Sephora has a lock on their extortionate pricing policy that has me paying $30 for an already overpriced $24 US Nars lipstick. And no discount of course. BTW there's no way Sephora could ever "cease and desist" you because this code is all over the internet, on all the shopping sites, so if they picked on you they'd have a pretty decent discrimanatory lawsuit on their hands should you choose. Happy shopping!

  6. Perry - THANK YOU for the weigh in!! When the marketing drops words like 'ceramic' and 'tourmaline', I'm like ooooohhhh... Haha! BUT the one thing that makes me hang back is the lack of universal plug. If I drop $220+ on a hair appliance, I have to be able to travel with it! (GHD has spoiled me forever). So I'll pass on the Sultra-- thanks :)

    La Canadien - That's awesome you have a US PO Box! I guess the next step would be to set a credit card billing address to it? But seriously, what a lot of work to save 20% on a lipstick :) Does Ulta carry the brands you like? There is no Ulta in NYC, so I haven't gone into one in a looooong time. And thanks for the legal advice ;) I will bear that in mind if they ever come knocking!!

  7. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Hey Tina,
    You're right ... I've got to get a US credit card sooner or later, as Barney's has a bit of the same issue -- can't buy online but can call a store and order by phone, however the authorization process can take 2 weeks for foreign cards (sigh). But I CAN get the product so it's not too bad. Oh, for Ulta, well, I love NARS but they don't carry it, but they do carry some hard-to-find lines like Sue Devitt. I can get Nars from Saks/Bloomies/etc whenever they have their F&F sales very easily. Just a bummer that Sephora makes these random decisions ... WOW, it's high school all over again! By the way, if you're looking for hair dryers, I have the T3 pink dryer from Sephora that costs $115 (not the $300) one and it's awesome -- have had it over a year and no probs with overheating etc. Very happy with it. Have also tried the Babyliss pro tourmaline and thought it was drugstore-quality, not hot enough, and made my hair more frizzy so wouldn't recomment. Love Folica too BTW


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