Monday, November 1, 2010

Catherine Malandrino sample sale

I am sure going to be broke this month. Catherine Malandrino's sample sale is coming, and they are piling on the incentives. Items will include her standard FW collection as well as items from her Runway collection (first time ever).

* RSVP to and get 10% off your total purchase
* Score a giftcard to the retail boutique when you spend $250 ($25 giftcard), $500 ($75 giftcard), or $1000 ($125 giftcard). Although my super speedy brain is saying, if you're spending $1000, it seems more worth it to break it up into 2 $500 purchases to get $150 of giftcard vs $125.

And here are some sample price points:
* Blouses were $395… now $95
* Skirts were $275… now $65
* Dresses were $525… now $155
* Leather Jackets were $1,200… now $295

What: Catherine Malandrino sample sale
When: Wednesday, Nov 10 - Friday, Nov 12; 8AM-8PM
Where: Metropolitan Pavilllion, 123 W 18th St; 212-463-0200

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