Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charles P. Rogers sheet sets, buy 2 get 1 free

I have looked longingly at Charles P. Roger's wooden sleigh beds for the past 3 years. These beds are rock solid, gorgeously hand-made, and exceptionally 'worth it'-- they totally kick the stuffing out of Pottery Barn's cheaply-made-yet-expensive sleigh beds, which feel flimsy to me. And although I haven't pulled the trigger on the Hamilton, I have bought sheets from them-- and they are fantastic. You can't beat the value: a palatable price for sheets that are probably just one notch below SFERRA/Bellino/Frette quality.

Right now you can even get 1 set free when you buy 2. If you are on a budget, you can't go wrong with the Pima sets, but if you are looking to splurge a little, I highly recommend the Candide sheets (and get both Chambray & Stripe b/c together it looks gorgeous!). Ends Thursday, Apr 30.

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  1. Anonymous8/24/2009

    I have a Charles P. Rogers sleigh bed -we bought it in October 2008. Just like you said - beautiful, rich, well made, solid, etc. Except we have experienced a crack in two places on one of the trim pieces. That in itself its disappointing, but the company's response is even worse. If we ship it back to them they will fix it. It is less than a year old. We are now in the position of incurring shipping costs on the high sleigh footboard of a queen bed. The company insists the shipping is our obligation, as is found in the purchasing paperwork. Also, we are located in NJ, where they have a warehouse - I am unsure where the beds themselves are made. Never-the-less, I would expect the company to share in some of this - but no. Linda, the owner, is not what one might imagine as the owner of such a company - the level of sophistication you expect from what we all think is a high quality company is not there. You likely would not believe that they in fact told me to use a touch up crayon to fill in the crack. This was our third CPR bed, and it will be our last. We spent over $4000 on this one bed, for exactly the reasons you cited, but I feel it was not actually true high end quality - at least the company's response has not been. Beware of what you are buying and from who you are buying it. The items are not without flaws and rectifying it with the company is a very unsatisfying endeavor. Shame on you, Charles P. Rogers - you should do better.


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