Monday, April 6, 2009

New favorite shopping-aid site:

I've never invested much time in shopping search engines, like Froogle, mySimon, or Kaboodle, but now I feel like I've found the Holy Grail (sometimes referred to as 'HG', as I learned yesterday)! Enter, a site that takes your keywords and searches a select number of online retail sites and returns available products that match your request. Now why is ShopStyle special? It has very practical filters for you to manage what you want to see, like sizes or retailers, and those filter options are dynamically built to narrow down what you see (not like, just a random list of things for you to uncheck).

Case in point: I love love love Their 'normal' prices for European brands beats the pants off Saks/Neimans/US boutiques any day of the week (just look at Lanvin). My huge beef with YOOX is their sales section, which seems to throw every option at you, with limited ability to filter. As much as I love looking at sale stuff, going through 1081 pages of merchandise can be a bit daunting. ShopStyle allows you to pick a Category (let's say shoes), then a Store (let's say YOOX), and a SALE (let's say everything at least 50% off). And then, I can choose my shoe size, which is sometimes a 36, sometimes a 36.5. Easy peasy. Now I only have 28 pages of shoes too look through, and that is how I came across these. Come to mama!

And if you still doubt the power of ShopStyle, check out this. And if you doubt the prices of YOOX, look here and here.

I hope that everyone out there can use ShopStyle to shop smarter! You can even create sale alerts, which I will definitely be taking advantage of :)
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