Monday, April 13, 2009

Paul Stuart sample sale report

I normally do not accost strangers, but this morning as I was going in to work, I saw a man carrying a non-descript brown bag with a large P written on the side in permanent marker. A little light bulb went off in my head-- definitely the product of a sample sale. I leaned in close to get a peek of what was inside... ties... hmmm, what current sale has ties? Then, while watching the man walk into my office building, it hit me-- the Paul Stuart sample sale. With a sigh, I wondered how it was, and continue on my way.

As fate would have it, the man got into the elevator with me, and since he pressed one of the floors to my company, and we were alone, I blurted out, "So how was the Paul Stuart sale?" His jaw hit the floor. I *totally* busted him (it was 10:30AM). After it was pretty clear I did not work for HR, he coughed up some details (on mens clothing).

The shoe selection is better than it has ever been in years past. Plenty of Grensons (the really expensive shoes), in addition to Paul Stuart and Stuart's Choice. Ok amount of suits, but lots of sportscoats and knitwear, and, based on my peek into his bag, the tie selection probably isn't too shabby either.

Consensus: Go.

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