Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marchesa sample sale report

I popped by the Marchesa sale today, and since I wasn't in the mood to spend $2000, I walked away empty handed. Overall the selection of short dresses was the beaded variety (I prefer the flouncy floral detail), and if you're looking for a prom-esque Emmy gown, this will be fantastic for you. And although the flyer says $35 stoles, I have no idea where they were. There is also a very small "as is" rack with goodies for $75. The selection was small, and a sales girl said she thinks they will get new stuff in everyday. You can also get additional discounts if you buy multiple pieces.

Notte by Marchesa
- Short dresses $300
- Gowns $495
- Jackets (very few) $150

- Dresses $700
- Cocktail dresses $1200
- Gowns $1600-$2450
- Tops/Jackets $350
- Pants $200

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