Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tina Tang 20% off

I love Tina Tang's jewelry. First, she has the same name as me, which gives her an unfair advantage. Second, her shop is literally around the corner and down the block from where I live. Third, her jewelry is SUPER CUTE. I got one of the first Re-Leaf necklaces way back when, and I have gotten sooo many comments on it.

It made me sad when I read her quote in a recent news article, discussing how the flailing economy has affected her business and put a serious dent in her walk-in traffic at Gold Label by Tina Tang, her more upscale shop (she has 2) which sells pieces accented with diamonds and stones. I suppose it is no surprise that a promotion would be forthcoming (fab news for us!). If shopping online, use "STOREANDTT" to get 20% off or mention the 'Store Adore' email/promotion if you go in the store (Gold Label only). Ends Saturday, Nov. 15th. Seriously, and I know I'm sounding like I work for them, but I promise I don't, drop by if you're in the neighborhood or around Bleeker St. I think you'll like it. My personal favorites are her charms, big bold rings, and zodiac necklaces.

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  1. thanks for the wonderful shout out Tina! We would love to se you again.

    from the crew of Tina Tang


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