Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dunhill sample sale report

There were no crowds at the Dunhill sample sale this morning, and overall I found the selection pretty good.

There were a number of styles of cufflinks, tie clips, sunglasses, a few styles in pens, mens business/dress shirts, sweaters, hats, belts, socks, and some shoes. Everything, more or less, was 60% off, not a bad start-off point at all, and I am sure by the end of the sale, it will get better. The best thing I saw was a limited edition black lacquer box of the Sidecar Leather Chassis ballpoint or fountain pen, retail $660-865, now under $300! A beautiful, fabulous gift. Or, if the man in your life prefers gold cufflinks, you can find some there too.

To see some of the things available, expand.

Cufflinks, retail $215-450, now $86 to $270.
- Pink AD seal
- Pink pearl facet
- White pearl facet
- Blue headlamps
- Black Sidecar ball
- Purple mother-of-pearl coin (link is to white version)
- Classic button
- Blue enamel turtles
- Brick red enamel devil
and many more, including much more conservative ones.

Pens - a random smattering of Sidecar series in mostly ballpoint, fountain, and mechanical pencil: red pearlized, blue seashell lacquer, and gunmetal, with a hodge-podge of some others.

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