Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RED Valentino sample sale

Update: So I went to the sale, and I also have a bit of a rant. Just a warning.

The sale was a bit of a letdown because the discount for the RED Valentino pieces is only 50%. The woman said 50-60% when I asked, but looking at the tags, it is more like 50%.
Right now the dresses are $229-259 (and these are the thinner, flimsier summer ones), skirts are ~$199, and tops (lacy camis, knits, cardigans) range from $139-189. I asked if they would discount more, and got the standard mysterious look and 'we don't know yet'. They have just TONS of selection. The majority of it is size 42, with 44 coming in a close 2nd.

Other than RED Valentino, they have Badgley Mischka Couture gowns, ranging from $699 for a sequined cocktail dress to a $2,200 evening gown. There was also a couple of tables of hodge-podge bags (nothing special) and the 'best' were rather plain little Missoni bags for $129. So, you might ask, what exactly was 90% off? Some label called Rebecca Barocco. Now, I have no eff-ing clue who Rebecca Barocco is, but it was really meh. And this brings me to my rant.

Unlike some lucky gals who either don't have jobs or get paid to check out sample sales, I actually have a corporate job, and my very dedicated male boss doesn't understand why I shop so much. I am very fortunate to be able to dictate my own time or work from home, but leaving work early (or coming in late) is kind of a big deal for me. Hence why I'm really pissed off about this sale. I should have included the image earlier (sorry), but have a good look at it. It clearly says "RED Valentino sample sale" and "up to 90% off". Of course we all know that it won't really be 90% off, but perhaps 60-70% off with further discounting as the days go by. But if you're only discounting 50%, then please just say so. I get so infuriated by almost-false advertising, but more because 50-60% off is actually not a bad discount, so why flat-out misrepresent yourself? And if you are going to include other random crap brands and actually make those 90% off, at least make it fairly prominent in your marketing. Sure we can sit there and try to think through the random conjugations of what your words may mean, but does it really need to be like that? So I'm torn because the inventory is good, and I feel that on Thursday the discounts will probably be somewhere closer to 70% off, but on principle I feel a bit cheated.

Holy Crap! Hie thee hence to Global Fashions' R.E.D. Valentino sample sale. It's only my favorite label at 90% off. (They do temper it, however, with a mention that other brands will be on sale as well.) For the women: sportswear, outerwear, eveningwear, handbags, and shawls. For the men: Italian suits at $149, blazers at $99, and slacks at $49. I am so hitting this up after work.

What: RED Valentino sample sale
When: Tuesday, Aug 18 - Thursday, Aug 20; 9AM-6PM
Where: 4th Fl @ 49 W 38th St (btw 5/6th Ave); 212-575-2171
Cash or CC.


  1. Anonymous8/18/2009

    aww~ yea i totally agree w/ you that they should not post false advertisement. it totally kills our time (for those who actually have a corporate life). i'll be frustrated as well....

    sorry to hear that!

    feel better!

  2. You are so sweet! Just, if I had known, I would have waited til tomorrow or even Thursday, when I have time, instead of rushing out the door today in a haste! Haha. Oh well :) At least I am getting to warn everyone else!

  3. Anonymous8/19/2009

    i totally AGREE! i also have a corporate job where leaving early is difficult (forget those sales that end before 7, those are impossible to go to) so i appreciate reports like yours to weed out the baddies. sorry to hear about your experience!


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