Friday, November 12, 2010 fall-winter sale goes to 30%'s selection of fall-winter sale items has gone done to 30% off. Need to check my Dream Box! I'm watching a $490 Gucci sweater that is currently $465. I know it will never come down enough for me to buy it, but just in case...


  1. Anonymous11/12/2010

    tina have you ever ordered from them? i saw a dress I would love to have but have been seeing bad reviews of them...thanks for any info.

  2. I actually order from them all the time! *blush* Well, I probably place about 4 orders a year (over the last 3 years). I think their products are fairly represented on the website. I usually buy RED Valentino, Valentino, and Alberta Ferretti, and it is all top notch. Now, when it comes to the really cheap prices and they are just looking to unload inventory (like 80% off), I have also heard of people getting defective products (missing buttons, etc), but in all my orders, I think only one 3.1 Phillip Lim coat came with a loose button which needed re-sewing. Otherwise it was pristine.

    Shipping to me in NYC is pretty speedy since their warehouse is in NJ, although if you get the 'brown' box, it usually comes pretty beat up! Not very visually appealing to say the least, but luckily none of the merchandise has ever been damaged in transit. And although I will say it takes them a week+ to process returns, I haven't ever had a problem returning anything (even shoes).

    I hope this helps! I personally think YOOX is a great site, and I've gotten everything from a $19 skirt to a $400 McQueen blazer from them (and LOTS of $50-80 pants!).

  3. Anonymous11/14/2010

    thanks tina!


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