Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chivalry vs the revolving door

Note: not shopping related.

Last night my husband and I went to dinner at Daniel, which, like a few other nice restaurants, has a revolving door in the entrance. While I have some standard chivalry preferences (like having the door/car door held open for me or entering/exiting an elevator first), when it comes to revolving doors, I jump in when there the door is already moving, but if it's still, I hang back and let him do the work.

As we were leaving dinner, a couple (obviously in the early dating phase) walked up to the revolving door, and the young man let the girl go first. She went forward but turned around and shrilly asked, "You want me to push?" And then he stammered, "Uh, no, I just wanted, you know, to let you go first". I, of course, started laughing. And he's right, there's no way for men to win with a revolving door. Go first and you're insensitive, go second and you're lazy. Women really ARE complicated!


  1. Tina - Believe it or not, my friends and I had a long conversation about this. Well manners to be exact. My friend and her husband went to a real life manners class - like the Emily Post tutorial or such. The rule of the thumb, accepted standard is that the man should go first and push the door for the woman, in this case of the revolving door. I was very suprised since I thought when in doubt - hang back (figured this was the only way a man could ere in the side on safety). But they actually went to a real live class that purported this. This as well as - the man should walk closest to the side of the street (protect the woman), you should not twirl your pasta with a spoon but rather cut with a goes on. Personally the list can get exhaustive and I'm with you - sometimes its just a hard life for men. Sometimes.

  2. That is so true ! I feel sorry for the young man!
    My husband and I are quite relaxed in those terms , however, he does follow some of the rules that Candisense talks about !!
    Its a hard world

  3. Tina - looking for your advice here. So I have never been to the shoe section of bergdorfs (insert gasp here) so I do not know how much of a mosh pit it really is. I have ordered online from them and love it. However I am in love with a pair of Chanels that only they have on sale (,2#8-velvet-sandal-with-strap-chanel-signature-engraved-buckle-and-heel-with-ivory-carved-effect-105mm-heel--2,2,4,23 ) or at least I think only they have on sale.
    Only thing is, they do not sell Chanels online and I have called the store mutiple times, been on hold over half hour a piece, spoken to 2 sales reps and still no promise of the shoes. I think that they are in the store but the online peeps can't hook my up with the store mechandise and the store seems not be down with making the sale. What to do?
    (PS - your past hook ups make me cofident to come to you for some sound advice on how to land my kicks)

  4. Anonymous6/22/2010

    I actually can't believe the woman said that to the guy. Is it really that important that he push the revolving door. I would have just push it myself.

  5. CandidSense - your info on the etiquette class is hilarious. That's interesting that there is a stated 'rule' on who goes first into a revolving door. Also, BG's shoe floor isn't that bad. The sale has been going on for a couple weeks (I think) by now so it won't be a madhouse. However, if it's not a total hassle for you to get there, you should try. Chanels on sale don't usually hang around for too long (and the ones you picked are amazing!) so I wouldn't loiter.

    The revolving door girl was, I should note, Asian. (And I think I can say that, since I am Asian too) Somehow to me that made the whining all the more funny.

  6. CandidSense6/23/2010

    Tina - 'nuther CandidSense here (aka 'nuther asian girl). Funny you mentioned that - because I totally saw the humor for the same exact reasons (could actually hear the whining...)What's even more funny is that I don't think my parents generation is even all about that.

    Well the reason I sent my first comment (re Chanels) before was because I live in Chicago and even I can't justify a quick jump to NYC. I actually got through recently and they had one left in guess size! So cross our fingers and hope they work out. I truly thought they were gorgeous.

    Thanks again for all the info you always provide and stop on over at whenever you get a chance.

  7. Anonymous6/25/2010

    this is hilarious!

    Along the same theory as the revolving door, while I appreciate the car door being opened for me, I actually prefer to enter the car last. That way I don't have to shuffle in, which as you all know, is not easy to do with skirts and heels!


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