Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gilt City $40 Mint Car membership

I find the whole Gilt Groupe case study to be fascinating. The market they've created, their attempts (and failures) to do more faster (GiltFuse anyone?). Newest venture: city-based deals.

For NYCers, one of the current deals is a $40 one-year membership (plus $75 driving credit) to Mint Cars, the sexier alternative to ZipCar. They have those adorable SmartCars!! I love the convenience of this whole rent-by-the-hour thing. ZipCar's weird way of billing things makes me crazy, and I would switch, but they have more cars located within my walking distance. So I'll stay... for now.

Anyway, if you are curious, and near a Mint car location, this is a great low-risk way to try it out. Insurance and gas are included in your membership and hourly rates, so it's pretty easy. Ends Wednesday, Jul 7.

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