Monday, October 18, 2010

Neiman Marcus gift card event

Disclaimer: I was alerted that you may only get the giftcard if you were on the email distribution. So buyer beware. I don't know if the online chat representatives will be able to give you a clear answer, though. They've never been much use to me in the past.

This one is much, much better if you're looking to drop $500+! An awesome return and NO EXCLUSION LIST that I can find!!! Use code "BESTOCT" to get $100,$ 200, or $300 back on your purchase of $500+, $750+, or $1000+! Ends Wednesday, Oct 20. Also use code "NMOCT" to ship for free.


  1. Anonymous10/19/2010

    I heard only people got the email can use it. I really appreciate your posting it out there for people to know this great deal but it would be nice to warn them they might not get card in the end. It is a risk.

  2. Really? I will definitely add that notice then! I got this email in both of my inboxes (and I only REALLY shop from one of them - the other one has a history of maybe one $100 order), so I assumed it was open to all. Thanks for mentioning!

  3. Anonymous10/22/2010

    They have an even better sale going on now, starting yesterday. Maybe I missed it on here but if not, thought I'd point it out!

  4. Ooh, thank you for telling me! I had to dig it out of my spam box :P

  5. Anonymous10/22/2010

    you're welcome! it's a great sale!


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