Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Molton Brown bodywash freebie for survey response

Molton Brown is running an online survey this month to get your feedback on their products as gifts. To be perfectly honest, I buy MB for myself, but I've never considered them for gifts. But now I will, so I guess their survey worked!

After the completion of the survey, you will get a code for a free full-size bodywash (either blissful templetree or silverbirch) and you will also be entered in a drawing to win $750 worth of MB products. Survey closes Friday, Apr 29.


  1. Anonymous4/21/2011

    did u get your code? I completed the survey a couple of days ago and still haven't received the email with the code...

  2. Yes, actually I did, a couple hours after I did the survey. Did it get marked as spam?

    Has anyone else had this problem?


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