Monday, November 24, 2008

Equinox gym store 30% off for members

I have been a little bitter about my gym since they yanked my yoga instructor for their new premium all-yoga gym. Not because I disagree with the concept-- indeed I'd love to swap my all-access membership for a single proper facility with hot yoga classes. It's just that it is SO FAR AWAY from my house. I live in the West Village. PureYoga is seriously Upper East Side. There's no way I'm getting to Marco now. You suck, Equinox!

And maybe if I wasn't so bitter, and the retail world wasn't going bonkers with ridiculous sales, I'd be more excited about Equinox Fitness' member's only sale. Members can print the image below and use their IDs at any store to get 30% off everything until Wednesday, Nov. 26th.

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