Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ricky's outlet

Ricky's is pretty much a NYC institution. It's your go-to store for hair accessories, hair care, and random things like galoshes, sunglasses, and, around Halloween time, costumes. I've often wondered where Halloween costumes go to die, and now I know. While running between the 19th@5th and Union Square Sephora stores (stupid YSL makeup) this afternoon, I chanced upon the Ricky's Outlet, on Broadway between 19th & 20th St, right next to Equinox. It looks a little dilapidated and thrown-together, but for 50% off, who cares.

The main floor has a wall of tote bags, Floatie flip flops, cheap sunglasses, and random cute/funny t-shirts for $10* (I got 3 Hello Kitty ones). The back area is hair stuff: overstock of flat irons and hair dryers (no Chi here), Aveda, BioSilk, American Crew, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian, Short Sexy Hair, and others I can't remember right now. Prices are 1/2 off what they normally would be, and there are also random remnant gift sets, like Philosophy's Falling in Love for $25 (the packaging was dirty and banged up, so I'd only get this if I re-packaged it or wanted it for myself). The upstairs has costumes, props, and those weird facial hair pieces we all need on a random rainy Monday (all discounted, of course). There are also boas galore, in any color, for $10. Perfect for those theme bachelorette parties. The woman behind the counter said she thinks the store will be open through March, although they want it to be a permanent thing.
* They charged tax on them too!

What: Ricky's Outlet
When: now - March 2009 (projected)
Where: Broadway between 19/20th St (exact address unknown)
How: Google Transit to Union Square

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