Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catherine Angiel 30% off one-day sale

Although I am not cutting-edge trendy, I have a deep appreciation for a gorgeous eye-catching piece that just makes the outfit. Not only does Catherine Angiel make really edgy (sometimes scary) necklaces out of black diamonds, she also makes gorgeous diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings. I've totally fallen in love with her champagne diamond briolette necklace, and I can vouch for their customer service. When I got home and discovered one of the diamonds on my just-bought earrings was cracked, I panicked. I called the store expecting a harsh response because, really, a diamond? Cracked? But I brought the earrings back in, yep, cracked, and they swapped it out. Fabulous. And they didn't even look at me funny.

Twice a year or so, they host a one-day 30% off store-wide sale. In the past I believe some items were excluded, so I'm not sure about this time. If you're down in Greenwich Village, check her out.

What: Catherine Angiel 30% off one-day sale
When: Sunday, Dec 7
Where: 43 Greenwich Ave; 212-924-4314
How: Google Transit

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