Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kwigy-bo sale report

I missed the last Kwigy-bo sale, so I had to go to this one! My dog, my puff puff Keeshond, is fairly sizable and has absolutely no need of sweaters, but I went in search for some sweaters for the cats and presents for my friends' dogs. Imagine a room of boxes of various sized mini sweaters, t-shirts, and coats, a stack of dog beds on a table, and carriers around the room. Add to that 6 women clucking and fretting: Will this fit? But my dachsund is so long! Should I get this for my daughter's pug?

All apparel (for both boys and girls) was $5! A steal if you consider prices for clothing can range from $7 at Target to $60 for a retail Kwigy-Bo sweater. Carriers were priced up to $45, and there were a few small dog beds too. Below are some of the things I saw. I got my new kitten the teddy-bear sweater with ears-- how cute is that!? A great sale, and no pushing, shoving, or nudity involved.

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  1. Anonymous12/10/2008

    good deals...but hardly anything in sizes S or M.


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