Monday, October 19, 2009

Sephora friends & family

Update: Just put through my F&F order at 20% off! Did you? The code is "FF2009".

Mark your calendars and load up your Favorites list, on the stroke of midnight on Monday, Oct 19, the Sephora F&F frenzy will begin! It kicks Saks' 10% ass, so if there's something that can be gotten at Sephora instead of Saks, wait the few days. BUT, if what you want is a hot commodity, you best check out asap b/c Sephora's stock runs out fast normally, so you can just imagine what it will look like come Monday, Nov 2, the last day.

Remember Monday, Oct 19 - Monday, Nov 2, everything is 20% off! Use code "FF2009". From what I hear, unless you really are friends or family with a Sephora associate (and they give you a special card with a code), you'll only be able to get this discount online.


  1. Ooo is it everything? Because I heard there were going to be some restrictions...I really hope its everything because I want to buy a Clarisonic!!

    btw, did you get an email about this already??

  2. Hey Lizzie,

    Hmm restrictions!??! That would suck. I haven't heard of any restrictions-- I'm just reporting back what I hear on the grapevine (so no email yet!).

    In the past I have made some 'big' purchases during Sephora F&F: a Zeno, my GHD IV flat iron, a T3 hair dryer... so I can't see them saying no to Clarisonic. However, I bought mine during the F&F event earlier this year, so even if Sephora doesn't play nice, there's always hope :)


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