Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barney's Warehouse Sale NYC starts tomorrow

And now the time has come, this glorious bi-annual event which brings me multiple shopping orgasms every time, never fail. I admit I have a serious BWS problem. When I think of what lies ahead, my pulse quickens, I feel light-headed. I admit I've secretly (maybe not so secretly, actually) been anticipating this event since May. Hmm, how would I translate this sensation for the average man? Remember that feeling of complete elation when the US relay team touched the wall a hair quicker than those French tossers and showed them what's up? Yeah, it's kind of like that, but instead we're racing for designer gold.

Tomorrow morning many people will start lining up as early as 7:00AM at 255 W. 17th St. between 7th/8th Ave., waiting with bated breath until the door is flung open at 8:00AM.

While it may be natural and instinctual for you to go into a frenzied state on your first visit, here are some things to remember:
1. The BWS lasts for 3 weeks. This, my friends, is an endurance race. Always shop strategically.
2. Shoes are replenished everyday.
3. Prices continue to drop as the sale progresses. Markdowns happen on a weekly basis.
4. The last price slash occurs the Friday before the last weekend*. In this case, August 29th.
* See below for thoughts on this

My shopping strategy for the Barney's Warehouse Sale
This is my personal plan of attack, formulated through experience and designed for maximum coverage, efficiency, and monetary value.

Opening weekend (Thursday or Friday)

- If there is something you know you want, go for it. This past spring I was on a mission for Louboutins. This year I've got my sights set on some 3.1 Phillip Lim pants. (They just fit so well!)
- Head straight for the 'hot' clothes and quickly survey the inventory. Last time it was Kate Moss' TopShop line, tank tops discounted to $16. It sold like Tom Ford snuggled with each piece. I presume it will be more of her stuff this time around too. Most of of what makes it to BWS are the larger sizes, so if you're on the smaller side, use it to your advantage to be nimble.

- Check out men's shoes and suits. Having much less inventory to sell off, men's shoes are not replenished so often. If you're looking for a couture designer suit, now is the best time because they are rarely discounted as the sale progresses. For non-designer suits, hold out if you can.
- Peruse the coats and jackets, swimwear, and ready-to-wear. If the pushing and shoving is minimal around the S/M/L bins of tops, it's worth having a look.

During weekdays

After the initial weekend, BWS starts at 10AM. Get there early and look at shoes. As I mentioned before, they are replenished everyday, at random, so you may find some spectacular Louboutins or Manolos pop up one lucky Wednesday. This is also a much more civil time to look through the racks of clothing in the middle of the floor and try-on, if need be.

On the last Friday of the sale (August 29th)

Take the day off and line up early. You probably think I'm joking or totally insane, but you're wrong and maybe I am. For the past 4 years that I've gone, BWS has done progressive mark-downs the last 3 days (50% off additional on Friday, 60% Saturday, 75% on Sunday), but this past Spring, they took the final mark-down on the Friday before, of 60%, on the majority of the items (including Women's shoes and men's suits) and it stayed the keel all weekend. I have a feeling they will do this again. You might say, but Tina, I only need to take the morning half of the day off! Wrong, gentle reader. Post-BWS, you will want to scream your joy off the rooftops and revel in your conquests (and maybe take a nap). As well you should. It is well deserved.

Why the madness? What's the big deal?
At the beginning of the sale, prices are 50-60% off retail, and come closing weekend, women's clothes and shoes are discounted up to 80% or better. I've scored Louboutin Mary Jane espadrilles for $50 (retail $600) and a Marc Jacobs top for $15 (retail $225). The average price of the tops you buy is probably $25. During the last weekend women literally go so nuts that the staff will give you a clear lawn-sized TRASH BAG for you to throw your goodies into and haul around like Santa Claus, and believe you me, it never felt so good to be that fat ass-clown. Men's clothing also gets as cheap as it will, although it never really reaches the sale levels of Women's. Varvatos and Zegna shirts can be had for $40, button-down business shirts are discounted an additional 60-75% off their $75-140 BWS price tags. Sweaters and cardigans are around $60-120 depending on designer, style and fabric.

I hope you're getting excited, and I guess even if you're not, I'm excited enough for the both of us.

Next post: Suggested
guidelines for successfully surviving the BWS

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