Monday, August 25, 2008

Barney's Warehouse Sale report: Final week, Monday

Over the weekend they toyed with our emotions, craftily marking down clothing but leaving the shoe prices intact. Today, shoes are now 25% off. Since I did not visit BWS all weekend, I took a good lengthy perusal of what's left, and here's the rundown.

Shoes are discounted 25%, but stock is dwindling. Very few pairs of Louboutins left, although still a good selection of Manolos (now $195+) and increasing selection of Prada and Miu Miu. Although I heard rumors of Chanel merchandise over the weekend, alas, there was nary a Chanel shoe to be found. I was pretty surprised to see Balenciagas still on the racks, and at 25% off their ~$700 prices tags, they are a pretty good bargain at $525 for you avant-garde types. I saw the Dries Van Noten leather Japanese-style flip-flops I admired still there, now $120.

On the whole, clothes are starting to look like they've been sorely mistreated. I did find some pristine looking gems-- especially if Narcisco Rodriguez and Proenza Schouler are your style. Another fun find: a bright pink Miu Miu structured long top/booty dress for $113.40 upon markdown.


This is where to shop. Prices are not bad and selection is still fantastic. I saw many men trying on suits. Surprisingly, more men in suits than in shoes, where they are now 25% off. Men's button-down shirts are only 25% off, but the selection is great, especially if you love Etro or Armani. Jeans are 40% off and the shirt bins are still full for Medium and Large sizes. This is also a great time to check out the outerwear/light coats selection for the impending fall.

Men's shoes continues to impress, as there were still Prada loafers and Paul Smith sneakers on the racks. There seem to be an abundance of funky sneakers, so if that's your market, I'm sure there will still be some by next mark-down.

Chelsea Market & Baby
I don't know how they managed to dig up more weird crap to sell, but they imported new housewares in and now have a big bin for Baby. If you have a friend popping one out (and who doesn't these days?!), get some cute onesies for 40% off their $9 and $12 price tags. They are all the same pattern - white with different colored lions (pink/blue/yellow), but for $6, why the hell not?

Sorry for the glare!

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