Thursday, August 28, 2008

Microsoft Live Search cashback

I am *super* behind the times on this! Microsoft Live Search is offering a cashback/rebate from certain online stores (mostly little kinda-shady looking ones) if you access it via their search feature in their bid to compete with Google's shopping search feature.

Apparently they started this in early June, and I totally missed the boat on their eBay partnership :( but they are having some good deals with, and Petsmart is a 30% rebate! (I mean, why else would I have just ordered something from!)
>> see all stores here:
>> FAQ:
>> terms & conditions:

Things I learned from their Terms & Conditions:
- You must register to use the cashback program first, and you can do this if you have a Microsoft Live ID.
- You must use their search to get to the website you want so that they can track you and your purchases.
- Don't let the browser window go inactive while shopping or you might lose your session.
- You have to wait 60 days to have the opportunity to 'cash out' your rebates (via check, paypal, or checking account deposit)

Things I read on a messageboard but was unable to verify by reading the T&C:
- They will cap a rebate from a single transaction at $250 (i.e. if you spend $1000 at petsmart, you only get $250 cashback)
- You are limited to 3 cashback transactions

Since I just learned about it and needed to get some things anyway, I have made purchases (2 to be precise) online via Microsoft Live Search. My account does show that I am due credit in 59 days :) I am saving my 3rd transaction for when (how shady does that sound?!) gets more La Prairie in stock. If you're already in the know and have used Microsoft Live Search cashback, let me know!

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