Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Botkier & Loomstate sales on gilt.com

Tomorrow is a good day for the trendy and eco-conscious. Since I know there are many devotees of Botkier out there, I have requested sample pricing on the upcoming Gilt.com sale. It looks like the discounts will be about 50% which is not too shabby. Organic cotton Loomstate clothing will be available for 40% of retail.
Stevie Hobo

Retail: $675
Gilt: $338

Long cardigan
Retail: $160
Gilt: $68


  1. Anonymous8/30/2008

    I LOVE Botkier and I would really like to see what's available on Gilt's site. I don't know any members, but would love to join. Is anyone a member that could invite me?

  2. Anonymous8/31/2008

    The Botkier sale on Gilt is over, unfortunately, but it's easy for you to join Gilt.com. Just visit www.gilt.com/fashionprospectress for the open sign up. I just noticed that my links were all messed up on the right-hand side, so thanks for the comment!!!


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