Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kate Spade friends & family

I remember when Kate Spade Sam bags were all the rage. I was in college, working at J.Crew for $6/hr, too parsimonious to splurge. However, if you were someone, you had to have one. People would go to desperate lengths to get the look, and I'd often see an errant Kate Spade label on the mall floor, evidence of the high quality of counterfeits.

I'm glad those days of wishing I had the money are over, but it still feels good to keep some in your wallet. Get your Kate Spade and save 30% during the F&F event (even on the sale stuff). Shop online with code "SFF32630" or print out the image below and take an extra 10% off in-store. Ends Monday, Mar 30.

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