Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuart Moore 10-50% off

Funky Soho jewelry boutique Stuart Moore is having a 'moving sale'. The sale runs until the end of July, when they actually do move, but why delay a good reason for discounting? Most of the inventory in the store is 10% off (think, no tax!), with very few items 20-30% off, and even fewer at 50% off. However, the 50% off merchandise is a select group of diamond jewelry, so that could prove something worth looking at (including the ring I've pictured below). Overall their diamond engagement/band collections are 10% off. The associates told me that sales there are very rare-- their last sale was 6 years ago.

Stuart Moore 10-50% off

ongoing through July

Where: 128 Prince St (at Wooster); 212-941-1023

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