Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mike & Chris warehouse sale, LA

We all know in our hearts that you can't have a Mike & Chris sample sale without the drama, and they have not failed us. They bailed on NYC, and no-showed their first go-round in LA, and this *supposedly* is it.
Mens & Womens Leather Bags, Shoes, Jackets
Everything must go! Samples, production, special orders, leather skins, furniture, and more...
What: Mike & Chris warehouse sale
When: Saturday, Mar 14 - Sunday, Mar 15; 10AM-4:30PM
Where: Shipson Warehousing and Logistics, 4900 Zambrano Street, City of Commerce, CA
(~5 min E of downtown LA, off the 5 freeway); 323-278-3551 ext. 17

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  1. Anonymous3/15/2009

    UGH. Seriously, Mike & Chris have got to get their act together!! Apparently the sale was only on Saturday, because I drove for an hour down to Commerce today and it was like a ghost town. Locked up warehouse, and no one in sight. :(


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