Sunday, September 19, 2010

Local beauty find: Spa Season and also a tough lesson learned

If you live in Greenwich Village, I wanted to share a new little nail salon that has popped up on my radar. I used to be a Think Pink fan, but the crowds drove me to QQ Nails on Christopher (who did a better job too), but now those crowds have driven me to Spa Season on 6th Ave by Waverly Pl.

It's not a huge salon, but they are never super crowded, and the women are really sweet and do a good job. I feel that sanitation is well-maintained, and it's a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. The thing that caught my eye was their skincare products: they use Dermalogica, which I have a lot of respect for, versus some shady salon-only brand. A mini-facial is $45 and a 'classic' facial is $65-- not bad.

I also learned a tough lesson this past week-- I forgot to put my person details in my stylist's personal black book, and now he's left the salon with no forwarding address. I'm desperately trying to track him down, internet-stalker style. So if anyone knows where Rosteme from Prive Salon has gone, PLEASE let me know! I need a haircut!!!

But on a more positive note, I made sure to leave my info with my colorist, Michael, (also at Prive Salon) who helped me go dark yesterday. It is sad to leave the summer color behind, but I must admit I love my new dark brown locks with just the perfect hint of remnant summer sun. Also, I should have mentioned this earlier, but major props to him for being interviewed (and quoted) in a Refinery 29 article in August. <3!

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