Thursday, September 9, 2010

Repetto for James Perse

I love James Perse. I love Repetto. What is a girl to do?


  1. Anonymous9/10/2010

    Wow, as if Repetto shoes weren't overpriced enough.

    Aren't those the shoes you can buy in Chinatown for like $8? I use to wear the Chinatown ones in high school

  2. Haha, you know what I think is overpriced? Lanvin flats! They are good, but not (to me) $550 good. I got my Repettos during Saks F&F, so they were 20% off. I have to admit, though, they really are better than the $10 slippers I bought in a Hong Kong street market stall. Definitely more comfortable and they 'keep' nicer.

    I'm just wary of the James Perse ones getting dirty. Linen? Hmmm..


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