Wednesday, September 1, 2010 free shipping, sale continues's 70% off sale continues (which I don't see as huge news), *but* they are now doing free shipping, which is a nice $10 savings. That ends Sunday, Sep 12.


  1. Anonymous9/01/2010

    I wonder if they're not going to have an 80 % sale this year?

  2. I don't know. Last year their 80% off 'sample sale' happened in October, so it might just be a waiting game.

  3. Anonymous9/01/2010

    Thanks for your reply. :-)
    Mhm, I vaguely remember that the last sample sale was 90 % percent off, and the reductions in the regular sale beforehand went up to 80%.
    I just hope they don't decide to axe the sample sale altogether, that would be terribly sad. :-(

  4. You might totally be right. I didn't go dig up old posts to verify. Maybe the 80% off will be late Sept and the 90% off in Oct? I hope they don't get rid of the sample sale either!! I remember it was a lot of fun :D


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