Monday, November 24, 2008 great sale

Why wait til Friday? RevolveClothing certainly doesn't agree with that philosophy, hence they've started their Great Sale today! 30-85% off a TON of merchandise.

You can also use code "NOTCOTLOVESREVOLVE" which will get you 25% off most items through Dec. 31. And remember, if you're a
new customer, you can get a code for 30% off everything (some brands excluded).


  1. Anonymous11/24/2008

    I'm bummed out about this sale. I found four different things I liked, and my size was sold out in two of them and two others were out of stock completely. I wish they would take down the picture and description if the item is out of stock!

  2. I have that same frustration with!!! If it's sold out, take it off! Especially since sometimes they have 900+ pages of sales.


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