Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On holiday

I usually never do the family-travel thing over Thanksgiving (I save that for Xmas), but this year it's reversed. Therefore I must lay out the disclaimer that I will be posting significantly less for the rest of the week. I hate to leave you in your time of need, but in addition to the outlet links on the left, you should research your fav department store websites for all their details. For big box store circulars, check out BlackFriday.info, BFads.net or BlackFriday.com.

Happy Thanksgiving shopping!

And remember if you're midnight-madnessing: strategize. Eat early and take a nap. Then try not to panic as you watch midnight pass you by while sitting on your couch. Bide your time and let the turkey do its work on those eager beavers. Show up at the outlets at 4 or 5AM and get all the pre-6AM deals without having to hurt anyone!

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  1. We will miss you! Keep us posted on the shopping scene in Houston.


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