Monday, November 23, 2009

Woodbury Common rundown

Although this was not the weekend that 'counts' (by retail standards anyway), my trip to Woodbury Common was fruitful, and I made a lot of observations.

1. Go early. We got there at 10:30AM on Sunday, and the parking lot was 80% full with lots of people milling about. It wasn't ridiculously crowded with people, so shopping in stores wasn't bad. You just might have a hard time snagging a parking spot later on.

2. Don't bother with your VIP book of coupons. 95% of all stores are running special discounts and promotions, and that will probably go up to 99% of all stores come this weekend. In 11.5 hours of shopping, I think my aunt managed to use 3 coupons: one in Polo Ralph Lauren home, one in Levi's, and one in some kitchen store in the food court.

3. Get ready for waiting in lines. Coach, Gucci, and Ugg had stanchions and ropes, and I'm sure there will only be more. Burberry was madness.

4. The Movado outlet had watches from Coach and Lacoste which were very reasonably priced after discounting ($120-160). They also have 2 cases of fine jewelry in the back of the room that is 60% off.

5. The Ellen Tracy store is going out of business. It also has Caribbean Joe apparel (super casual wear) and it is all VERY cheap. I bought a $268 Ellen Tracy pencil skirt for $27.99.

6. The YSL store is well-stocked on bags. Muses, Muse Twos, Majorelles, Tributes, Calypsos, Downtowns, and others. Not exactly the popular colors, but much more than Prada has. They also have the lower berry patent Tribute sandals.

7. Off 5th has a very nice selection of private label (hear me out) Saks Fifth Avenue winter coats. Yes, they also have Tahari, M60/Miss Sixty, Michael Kors, Andrew Marc, and whatnot, BUT the private label coats are 100% wool fabric sourced from Loro Piana (the M60 coat I liked was only 40% wool, and the rest was polyester and rayon.) And they are only $200 after the discount. I was totally caught between 2 styles, but I picked a mid-thigh length grey one. The other, a short coat with toggles and a hidden zipper was so cute. I wish I could have gotten both!

P.S. The stock at Catherine Malandrino is 95% size P. If you're size Petite, you need to swing by.

Good luck!

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  1. Anonymous11/24/2009

    Wow, thanks for the great update. Did you happen to notice how much the Muse bags were at YSL?

    Thanks and Happy Thanks Giving.


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