Sunday, November 1, 2009

Slew of InStyle online discount codes!

The November issue of InStyle magazine has a "Best of the Web" article with a *bunch* of online discount codes. I've listed them all in my Google calendar, and there are so many I'm sorry it looks really confusing. I hope they help you with your holiday shopping or self indulgences :) !

Here are some highlights:
Revolve Clothing
Beauty Habit
One Kings Lane
Bigelow Chemists
Kiosk Kiosk
Ann Taylor
Catriona Mackechnie
Charm and Chain
Far Fetch
Lock & Mane
and more.

I only subscribe to Business Week, Shape, Conde Nast Traveler, and US Weekly (my guilty habit). I cut down after so many magazines got trashed every month without me even opening them, so I figure I can catch up at the nail salons. However, if there's a mag out there that provides really good discounts, let me know, and I'll consider subscribing (and then I'll share the discount info!).

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