Friday, October 30, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

I'm the type of gal who has starts thinking of Christmas gifts in October. It's 50% me loving gift giving and 50% OCD anxiety over not finding something for everyone.

For the people on my list, I try and take full advantage of the F&F discounts and the relevant sample sales. Case in point: Sephora, Caudalie, Saks, and Christofle. Now, since my friends read my blog, unfortunately I can't share what I've gotten them. Suffice to say, I've definitely started. If you're doing your shopping online, keep an eye on the Google Calendar widget I have in the upper-right. I'll be listing whatever site discounts I find, and this weekend I'm going to get the November InStyle magazine and add a whole bunch more!

My DH and I impose a $200-ish limit on our Xmas presents to each other because our birthdays are such lavish affairs. However, $200 is a really difficult limit! It's in that little-too-low-for-the-nice-stuff, little-too-high-for-necessities area. I'm toiling over ideas, but here's my start. (I'll work on my hubby's gift in another post).

The #1 item on my consideration list so far: the James Perse Infinity cashmere scarf, $195. It just looks so practical and soft, and sometimes I just can't deal with the trailing ends of a long scarf.
The #2 item: the James Perse ribbed poncho tunic, $225. Yes, I really really adore James Perse. It comprises about 60% of my casual wardrobe, the rest being jeans, dresses, and graphic tees. This would be a nice layering piece, or for just lounging around my apartment if the dodgy heating hasn't kicked on yet.

The #3 item: a pair of booties. These Dolce Vita Wish Wrap Tie ones are so cute, and the price point is pretty low for booties at $215. I wouldn't feel bad tromping through the snow and slush. The only thing is, to get the full cute-effect, you'd have to wear them with a skirt and tights, which could get chilly.

What would you ask for? $200 is not enough for a cashmere sweater or a dress, but I'd feel lame asking for makeup or a pair of jeans or a giftcard. Normally I'd want the $200 and get something good at a sample sale, but receiving cash for Xmas seems like a faux pas-- that only feels acceptable when coming from my parents ;) Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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