Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dueling for your lunch hour: Saks joins the fray

My morning is filled with HauteLook, RueLaLa, Beyond The Rack, and One King's Lane (I love house stuff), and usually I can get some work done before I need to mentally prepare myself (and my mouse clicking finger) for Gilt at noon. Since Neiman Marcus joined in the lunchtime sales, it's been a bit more hectic, but now Saks has thrown it's hat into the ring. At 50% off, the current season selection at NM and Saks is pretty enticing. Granted, the NM one has sucked lately, but today's Saks kickoff was amazing. Alexander McQueen dresses, bags, and scarves, Marc Jacobs cardigans. It sold out of most stuff within the first 10 minutes. I'll be checking this one out every time. If you're interested, sign up for their emails. I'm pretty sure they just send this out to everyone, about 30 min-1 hr prior to start.

Clash of the titans


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