Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saks double points now and later

Not to be outdone, Saks' SaksFirst program is offering double points through the weekend with a bonus early giftcard reward which will be mailed within the next 45 days. Essentially, you'll both get double points added to your grand total as well as a giftcard for whatever $X those double points amount to come November.

This may prove enticing to you if you're considering a large purchase or need some cosmetics. The chatter on Saks' F&F tells me that their beauty discount will be 10% (not even 15%!) which, in states like NY, barely covers sales tax. Note: If you call a store in another state and place a telephone order directly, they don't charge sales tax, only shipping.

Minimum total purchases (to qualify for the early giftcard) is $250. Ends Sunday, Oct 4.

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