Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random musings

Not fashion related, but...

So while at Duane Reade this morning looking for Halloween candy, I came across this. I thought about it all morning until I just had to go back and take a photo. So, ... what exactly do you do with single-use spam in Manhattan? Keep it in your pocket in case you get stuck in an elevator? In case you run into a piece of bread?Also, my fav facial in the world, the Geisha facial, is 10% off with this coupon (PDF). Yes, I bought into the hype, and I must say it is literally the best facial I have ever received. Better than La Prairie, which runs a close second. My pores were perfect, and my skin was totally purified. (And it didn't hurt that the facialist told me I have the best skin she's ever seen. Ever.) Posh has it RIGHT. Bring on the bird poo!

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