Friday, December 11, 2009

Carolina Herrera, Rena Lange sample sale

I am just in love with Carolina Herrera. Her style is elegant and timeless, and although I do not like Renee Zellweger (even though we are from the same town), Renee does a good job modeling her creations.

In addition to RTW, there will be bridal! A must-visit if you are all about the perfect classic gown. There will also be a selection of clothing from Rena Lange, and all will be up to 85% off.

What: Carolina Herrera, Rena Lange sample sale
When: Saturday, Dec 12 - Wednesday, Dec 16; S-T 9AM-6:30PM, W 9AM-5PM
Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd St (W of 8th Ave); 718-747-1656
CC only. No strollers. No children under 12. All sales final.


  1. LOVE "no strollers. no children under 12."

  2. Anonymous12/21/2009

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