Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It looks like the sample sale season is winding down as everyone finishes their shopping. Of course, we all know this is the calm before the Day-After-Xmas storm, and I am definitely on my tippy toes waiting to see the sales!

This weekend was the most spectacular snow weekend I can remember for Manhattan since 2004. Usually the accumulation is pretty pathetic and melts on impact, but Saturday was gorgeous. Rumor had it that Central Park accumulated over 10 inches of pure fluffy goodness. Blogger Doug Kim happened to be in Times Square taking photographs when a spontaneous snowball fight erupted, and he got some really fabulous shots. I especially love the one of the little boy mischievously smiling at him, arm pulled back.

Another blogger, BeHappyNYC, who recently linked to my T&Co post (thank you!) is a great glimpse of NYC life-- cute little restaurants interspersed with observations that can only be made here! Too seldom do I take the time to appreciate the wonderful city in which I live.

So until Day-After-Xmas emails start rolling in-- have a very wonderful holiday!

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