Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorry for no post-y

Apologies for not posting in a while! This weekend was my 30th birthday, so my DH had 3 of my best friends converge upon NYC under cover of darkness, 2 of them popping out at random times to cause oh-god-do-I-have-enough-guest-towels? panics. We did excellent shopping on Saturday and finished the evening with 13 course custom menu with champagne tastings (including a 1979 Cristal) at Per Se.

Then today my work internet was really slow, and I couldn't get onto I don't know if it was the internet, or if my work is onto me :P

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  1. Anonymous12/08/2009

    Happy belated birthday! I was wondering where you were :) Sounds like a great celebration!!
    -mochigal (tPF) :)


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