Thursday, December 17, 2009

Counterfeit alert: Redbag

On my way to the Qi sample sale, which is next door to a Liquid sample sale (tops $30, skirts $30, dresses $40), I popped into one of the little boutiques I have loved. It's been a few months since I stopped by Redbag, and I was excited about all the signs in the window (Burberry! MaxMara! True Religion!). Walking in, it looks pretty much the same-- tables covered in True Religion jeans, racks of Ed Hardy, and then I started to browse.

First I came across a ridiculously fake Chanel trench coat (with plastic belt buckle. As if. This is Chanel we're talking about!). Then I saw mens Burberry coats with shoddy labeling and Prada puff coats that were clearly counterfeit. The fonts are all a little off, the plaid isn't just right. (And to make it even MORE outrageous, they were charging $300-400 per coat based on 'retail' of $1100+). All the hang tags also had little tell-tale pricing stickers like the ones you'll find at Pearl River Mart. My coworker thinks those are prices in Hong Kong dollars, I think it might have something to do with Chinese imports. Either way, it's bad news. I think the MaxMara coats might be legitimate, but I wouldn't risk making a purchase here.

So I am saddened to report that we should definitely not shop here anymore. The people behind the counter are all Asian, so maybe the original owners sold it. Who knows. Don't bother! If you DO want knock-offs, you can certainly find better prices elsewhere.


  1. Anonymous12/18/2009

    I totally agree! I used to love that store, but now it is such a rip off!!

  2. Anonymous12/18/2009

    Did you tell the owners about your suspicions that the items are counterfeit? I mean, is it intentional counterfeiting? If so, that is horrible!

  3. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Yes 100% fake, I checked it out all fake

    And they marked down 75% still high priced STAY AWAY!


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